Breakthrough your fears, shift into bliss, & manifest your dream life with one-on-one coaching.

Receive personal, tailored-to-you support with Hannah to transform your biggest blocks & finally embody the blissful, magnetic goddess you are inside.


Are you ready to embody power, clarity, magnetism, & sensuality?

Do you want to experience a life of abundance, magic, pleasure, & purpose?

Confidently create a life you LOVE with sensual pleasure & feminine mastery.

Hannah Knight is an Integrated Sex, Love, Relationship, & Feminine Power Coach whose life mission is to live in total bliss while supporting others to shift into an ecstatic, abundant, sexy life that they absolutely love too.

Her goal is to help you clarify your deepest desires, work through the blocks that stop you from getting there, & manifest it all - with deeply embodied self-love, orgasmic power, and priestess magic - a high-vibe, integrated, and pleasurable approach to manifestation.

Learn more about Hannah, your personal Bliss & Power Coach, below!

Hannah Knight

Integrated Sex, Love, Relationship Coach & Priestess

I spent many years of my life dedicated to the path of conscious embodiment & spiritual awakening which eventually led me to becoming a sex, love, & relationship coach. After I transformed so many of my relationship wounds, upgraded my sexuality, & aligned deeply & powerfully to my soul mission as a leader of love & power, I manifested my dream partnership, traveled the world, & my business skyrocketed. I now live in Bali, Indonesia & have fun doing what I love with so much ease, bliss, & pleasure!

I'm here to help you create your own version of the same thing. I believe a life of bliss requires a holistic approach to living, where everything you do comes from a place of feeling good. In my coaching work, I help you manifest what you desire on EVERY level - including relationship, sexuality, & deep purpose, by helping you clarify what you really desire, transform the patterns in the way, & step into a new high-vibrational reality that magnetises your desires to you with ease.

Are you ready to receive what the Universe is offering?