Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions

What's my personal story?

Being wildly authentic, vibrant, and fully alive is my forte. I can help you manifest and magnetise what you really desire in life by diving deep within yourself to find your own truth and body power. Through breathwork and the other transformative modalities I facilitate, I help you access your most powerful embodiment of mastery - erotic, emotional, and abundant - so you can feel excited to be you everyday.

It started with Yoga and realising the truth of Who I Am. I studied classical Tantra for many years & graduated from University with a Bachelor's degree in World Religion + Spirituality. I then began exploring the power of integrated sexuality, manifestation processes, and relationship mastery, all supported by tantric foundations of consciousness, truth, and love. I became a Sex, Love, & Relationship coach and worked with hundreds of women around the world. I've always integrated breathwork into my offerings when there are deeply held programs (often unconscious) that are ready to be released and transmuted.

Sexual trauma, fear of taking up space, and shame of your sensuality are big themes that I am passionate about supporting you with. I help you learn how to dance with the sacred masculine and sacred feminine within you to effortlessly attract what you desire. Having fun and being free in pleasure is what I love! Within a very short amount time & lots of focus, I manifested my dream partner, my dream job, and today I live an amazing, abundant, adventurous, rich life abroad.

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How did I overcome my major challenges in life?

I took big leaps of faith in my personal development by investing in myself. I courageously leapt into yoga teacher trainings, long programs with highly skilled wealth and life coaches, and studied to become an Integrated Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach, which taught me even more about working with my body, my emotions, my power, and my sexual energy to upgrade my reality.

Breathwork allowed me to soften the layers of my mind and enter portals of aliveness and grace, accessing deeper emotional patterns, residues, and engrained patternings that were ready to be met and loved. Paired with skilled coaching and consistent practice, I stopped living out of fear and smallness and started feeling confident to channel my highest truths and live them out loud freely and clearly.

Most importantly, I stayed focused on the life I wanted to create and let go of all the things that didn’t serve the future version of me. I said YES to my desires and my pleasure, day after day, even when I was afraid, in full trust that I am provided for. You can do the same.

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What role did Breathwork have in my life?

Rebirthing Breathwork created a safe space for me to feel and alchemise the parts of me that were too sensitive to talk about. When I was going through a major chapter of grief, loss, & transformation, I felt like I had no one and nothing to turn to. Rebirthing Breathwork gave me a ceremonial space to find a deeper wisdom beneath my chaotic mind and gain inner clarity about my feelings without having to go into details about it or think at all.

When I was questioning everything about my life, it gave me a nourishing chapter of sacred pause, and I entered a portal of gentle self-love and self-care that supported me to let all my thoughts wash away and re-connect with my spirit and the deepest part of my being. It gave me a repose, where many subconscious, unresolved wounds and questions resolved themselves effortlessly.

Because of Rebirthing Breathwork, I felt ready to step into what I was already so excited to create in my life, with more ease, confidence, flow, and good energy. I found peace with the loss and change happening in my life, and I feel a deeper sense of contentment, ease, and joy within me.
I love that I can go to breathwork anytime to transcend my limiting beliefs and re-anchor in LOVE, the deepest, most essential and inherent part of me.

The World I Wish to See...

I want to see men and women making themselves available to embrace the softer, deeper, and wilder parts of their humanity. I want men and women to reclaim their power to feel it all with presence (and Knowledge), and enjoy the delicious, rapturous, life-giving awakening of coiled life-force that lives dormant and waiting at the base of the spine. I am ready to live in a world where we delight in the fun journey of transcending our conditioned minds and freeing ourselves into a living heaven on earth.

What I know...

I know that all beings can and will experience greater abundance and power to create heaven on earth when they make space for those unresolved, subconsciously hiding parts of them to be seen, felt, and heard and reclaim the suppressed expressions. Then the world can then be a much more creative, bright, prosperous, fun, loving place, because subconscious tendencies and shadows will no longer rule the mind. Instead, Love and Peace, Contentment & Connection will prevail.

What's my Well of Wisdom?

- Multi-Lifetime Tantric Wisdom Keeper & Living Feminine Transmission

- Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner
- Integrated + Trauma Informed Sex, Love, Relationship Coach

- Revolutionary Yoga Teacher, Yogi & Meditation Lover

- Science of Mind Practitioner living by the Law of Love & Attraction

- Soul Temple & Mystery Initiate

- Religious Studies Major & Eastern Spirituality Graduate
- Overcome Sexual Trauma & disconnection
- Created my own Business and Travel the world
- Manifested my Dream Partnership
- Live in Abundance & Ease in my life
- Embodied Sensuality & Sexuality
- Healed Inner Child & Family Dynamics
- Intuitive Empath
- I am able to confidently walk through a space and know exactly who I am, what I want and don’t want, speak my truth, and feel good about my life.

Who I Love Working with...

You've already been on the path of awakening for a number of time... Yet you're ready to go to the next level of magic and relationship bliss in your life. You know you have some blocked centers & stuck emotions, disconnection from a healthy embodiment of feminine and masculine, and you're ready to feel more magnetic and joyful.

Perhaps you're in a relationship already but feel disempowered in your sexuality + sensuality and are still living by other people’s rules and ideas instead of your own power and magic. You would like to feel more confident and at ease in your body, you'd like to love your bodies and love yourself more, and you want to feel confident that you can manifest an absolutely amazing life with ease and fun and pleasure.

You genuinely want to feel more pleasureful and playful, and you are ready to say yes now to a deep, exciting, perhaps edgy journey with a loving guide by your side, confronting your blindspots with safety, love, and intimacy...