The Priestess of Bliss Initiation

4-Week Online Women’s Initiation into Feminine Power, Abundance, & Manifestation

with Integrated Sex, Love, Relationship, & Feminine Power Coach,

Hannah Knight.

What is it?

The Priestess of Bliss Initiation is a journey for women who want to discover what it’s like to live from a place of ease, joy, & magnetism. In this 4-week container, you'll discover the secrets to living a joyful, truly blissful life & attracting the infinite abundance that you desire.

It's a beta program for the Priestess of Bliss Initiation E-Course that I've been creating for the past three years. By participating in this 4-week beta program, offering your feedback, testimonials, and building the momentum with me, you're helping support the success of a course that is going to rock the world!

You'll join an incredible sisterhood of women from around the world who are ready to manifest the next level of their lives just like you, and together, you'll be supported to create the life you desire on every level by awakening your feminine power, transforming your blockages, and giving yourself permission to shine!

Are you ready for magic?


A transformative journey for women who...

  • want to feel blissful every day, awaken permission to shine authentically in the world, become a master of their abundance, pleasure, & feminine energy. . .

  • are ready to manifest the next level in their life of soul-driven purpose & creativity, dream partnership & relationship passion, travel, adventure, and community, or all of the above. . .

  • feel excited to be part of a supportive, high-vibe community of courageously sexy, inspiring, & powerful women and be held in a safe & loving container where they can experience awakened sensuality, emotional mastery, & vibrational magic.

Working with you has been so beautiful and freeing. Ahhhh ..... Damn girl, you opened me up to my fucking magic! ✨✨✨✨

— Lisa, Empowerment Guide, Arizona, USA

Priestess of Bliss Initiation Graduate

Are you tired of feeling stuck & disconnected from your power?

Perhaps you don’t know exactly how to align with your bliss to create what you desire in life. Or maybe you feel so discouraged that you’re not even sure what you want right now. What you know is that you want to feel better & you want your life to be full of ease, magic, abundance, and fun! That’s why I created the Priestess of Bliss Initiation E-course.

The course itself is like my bliss bible for women who are ready to transform themselves & their lives to a whole new level of pleasure and power. In the course, I walk you step-by-step through literally everything you need to know to create the most amazing life from a place of embodied ease, magnetism, and authentic pleasure.

In the 4-week initiation beta program, while you experience transformational group coaching, heart-opening transmissions, tips, & rituals, & some of the most life-changing embodiment practices that will be in my e-course, you’ll be helping me perfect the launch of my e-course designed to support thousands of women like you worldwide who want to feel amazing and live out the life they know is possible:

a life that feels delicious & soul-nourishing;

a life where your needs & desires are always met;

a life of true love, magic, meaning, & magnetism;

a life you can feel confident about.

How is it different from

other programs?

The initiation covers
not just some, but ALL of the most important pieces in living a life of bliss as a woman on this planet:

confidence, integrated sexuality, relationship, soul purpose, AND abundance. At Priestess of Bliss, nothing is left out.

This is holistic education.

The medicine I share is grounded in ancient tantric, yogic, energetic, & shamanic spiritual wisdom while rooted in modern neuroscience & psycho-emotional, psycho-somatic technology. I've studied how our brains and bodies work, & I can help women resolve deep emotional issues with both a top-down approach AND bottom-up. That means we don't just talk about transformation; you experience the magic in your own body.

AND, I do it all in safe, loving, & integrated ways. I'm a trauma-informed coach and facilitator with over 1000 hours of training and practice.

This is embodied education.

In this priestess initiation, you’re not only learning how to connect with your true nature or cultivate presence in the body; you’re learning to cultivate magnetism & true feminine power through your pleasure & sexuality so that you can actually CREATE & RECEIVE a completely new reality for yourself on the inside AND the outisde. You’re learning how to self-actualise like a goddess.

This is manifestation education.

Plus, as a professional integrated sex, love, & relationship coach and expert, I'll be able to help you grow in the areas that are challenging so many women today the most, such as:

conscious dating, choosing your ideal partner, +

feminine/masculine energy, safety, + worthiness

sacred partnership + embodying your queen in love

conscious sexuality, tantric sex, + orgasm

body love, emotional power, + wildness

inner child healing + gentle trauma release

the law of attraction, spiritual sexuality + sex magic

This is next-level priestess initiation.

Ultimately, ALL of this wisdom has been what's allowed me to be the happiest woman on the planet with the most amazing partner & most satisfying relationship ever, have the best job, travel & explore epic community life, & experience genuine joy & orgasmic bliss running though my body over the past four years & counting, and I don't know anyone else who's doing it.

My unique stance as a world traveling yogini, tantrika, lover, partner, guide, and sex magician? I believe that anything is possible, I’ve dedicated my life to embodying this truth & I'm committed to helping you do it too.



Is there proof?

Using the same tools, practices, & rituals I'll guide you through in this online initiation . . .

I consciously manifested my soulmate & the relationship of my dreams, and we have an amazing, sexy, magnetic, soul-nourishing partnership,

I went from feeling stuck, bored, lonely, & unsure about my next steps, feeling unsupported & disconnected from flowing abundance... to traveling the world with ease & excitement, finding inspiring soul-tribe I resonated with, & manifesting tropical home in Bali,

I went from feeling tired, burnt-out, & uninspired with my work to skyrocketing my abundance & confidence as a coach, visionary leader, & embodiment of love, being invited to offer my gifts & voice at amazing events & festivals - finally feeling like the brilliant star I always knew I was inside.

With the same tools and wisdom you'll receive in the initiation program, I finally started magnetising everything I desired with ease, excitement, + relaxation, and discovered that I can experience more bliss than I ever knew was possible.

Enjoying Sicily after sailing on a catamaran for a few weeks on the Mediterranean with my beloved in 2021.

Teaching an Inner Child Healing workshop at ADA Divine Awakening Festival at Ada Bojana, Montenegro 2022.

Snuggling with my friends - Marijana & Mayara - who were also facilitating workshops at the ADA Divine Awakening Festival 2022.

Connecting the holy water of the Ganges with the Adriatic Sea at the nude-friendly beach of ADA Divine Awakening Festival 2022.

"Working with you propelled me into the life that I wanted to be living. It’s just happening through me, & I’m watching all areas of my life fall into place completely. For the first time, I feel like I am really the priority in my life, & I’m in the driving seat.”

- Simone, 30, Perth, Australia


Ready to know more about what's included?

In each live call each week, I’ll share the tips, tools, and practices that will help you manifest what you truly desire, create a life you’re in love with, & live out the magic inside of your cells.

Each group-coaching call is designed to help you breakthrough your fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs, be seen and loved-up in all your glory and aliveness, & explode you into a state of truly transformative orgasmic ecstasy, clarity, love, & magnetic feminine power.

Week 1


It's time to give yourself full permission to live from what feels good and manifest your desires from that place of authority. In this call, you'll not only be initiated into your birthright to live from desire but self-pleasure as the gateway to your manifestation power. Get ready to feel liberated, lit-up, and turned-on!

Week 2


Every woman deserves to feel sexy, radiant, powerful, and fully alive. Journeying into the body and the emotions society tells us are wrong is the secret pathway to freedom of self-expression. If you're ready to feel confident about your voice, your truth, your boundaries, and access your passion, welcome to the wild feminine.

Week 3


Understanding the masculine and feminine polarity within you is a foundation for creating any long-lasting success in relationship or any other part of your life. In this call, you'll be initiation into sacred inner union; you'll get to meet your inner feminine and masculine & taste the bliss and wholeness of finally loving all parts of yourself. It's time to come home to YOU.

Week 4


Are you ready to manifest what you desire with full power, clarity, and lightning speed? There's no need to wait around or struggle in effort, when you're a priestess of bliss. In this final call, you're getting initiated into sex magic! Once you understand how to master your orgasmic energy & use it to create the life of your dreams, you'll feel like a powerful priestess for the rest of your life! This is what you've been waiting for.

* BONUS - WEEK 5 *

A final call to integrate together, celebrate your successes, share your experiences with your sisters, & ask any questions you may still have... and share your feedback! You won't want to miss this celebratory, juicy, yummy time to be together as you feel your power!

Meet my soulmate and best friend, Xavier.

Xavier tells me all the time that he's so satisfied with me & never bored or tired in our relationship. Because of all the inner work I've done & how connected I am to my power, he feels that all the aspects of the goddess are alive in me. He says it's like living with a new woman every day, & I really turn him on!

During the 4 week Initiation, you'll also receive a bonus call with Xavier, who's a men's coach and mentor & has been studying & sharing about conscious relationship & sacred sexuality for years. (One of the many reasons I love him so much!) In the bonus call, he'll share: the secrets of what men really want in a woman in love. I owe him so much for helping me become the woman, partner, & conscious lover to him I am today!


Are you ready to raise your frequency & manifest your next level with ease & fun?

Join me one day per week, for a 3-hr. Live Zoom Group Coaching Call for 5 weeks total, where I’ll be sharing with you the tips, tools, + rituals that will help you manifest what you truly desire, create a life that you’re in love with, + do it all from a place of real pleasure, bliss, + connection to your orgasmic nature.

In addition to weekly live group coaching calls full of transformational rituals & teachings, you'll also receive 1 included 90-minute coaching session with me so you can identify your deepest desires & transform any deeply hidden block in your body-mind that is ready to be integrated & healed so that you can step more powerfully into your bliss and magnetic power.

You'll also get to be a part of the amazing online Facebook sisterhood where you'll get to stay connected to other women who are doing the initiation from all around the world. In this space, you are invited to let yourself be seen, share your wins and celebrations, clear your struggles and fears, and get loved up!

Our sisterhood is growing and will continue to grow over the years, so come and join it and support it's birth by contributing your beauty & magic!

To accommodate all time zones, there will be two calls each weekend: one for women in the USA area + one for Europe area. Asia/Australia area can choose to go to one or both.

Wherever you are in the world, you can join & choose to do one or both calls, plus keep the recordings!

Live Call 1 - April 21/22, 2023

Live Call 2 - April 28/29, 2023

Live Call 3 - May 5/6, 2023

Live Call 4 - May 12/13, 2023

Bonus Call 5 - May 19/20, 2023

Group 1 -

FRIDAYS, 11AM Central Europe / 12PM Tel Aviv / 7PM Brisbane / 4PM Bali / 7 PM Brisbane

Group 2 -

SATURDAYS, 1PM Hawaii / 4PM LA / 7PM New York

9AM Brisbane (Sunday) / 11 AM New Zealand (Sunday)

You are welcome to join both calls if you can!

Check your time zone HERE.

In exchange for your participation, feedback, & testimonials of your experience with me & the Initiation, I’m asking for a small gift of just

$444 USD.

You can also choose to add three BONUS 2-hour VIP coaching sessions with me for a total of just

$777 USD.

PLUS, in addition to the live 5-weeks & coaching calls, you're getting...

FREE ENTRY to the Priestess of Bliss Online Signature 3-Month E-Course

...including 3 months of live group coaching calls, 6 modules of video lecture, +30 guided audio rituals. the Priestess of Bliss Initiation Handbook, and Sisterhood Connection

(priced at $1500+)


Why do I give so much?

I've been carefully crafting the full Priestess of Bliss Initiation Signature Online Course with 6 Modules of filmed content, 30 Audio Guided Rituals, an entire PDF Priestess Workbook, and so much more for the past three years, & this particular LIVE 4-week journey is my Beta Program (my test pilot).

I already know my signature course will be wildly successful, because the first test pilot round was held in 2020, & we had 30 women from all over the world give incredible reviews after having their 4 weeks of total transformation.

The more I can showcase the power of the Priestess of Bliss Initiation with real women's experiences, the more we can get this information and magic to the rest of the world!

I also know you'll be so happy with this initiation experience that my signature course will be successful, and you'll want to share it with all of the people in your life! If you're not satisfied after completing the entire journey, I'll refund you everything you gifted me.

Will you support me supporting you?


Do you want...

  • to feel free & have fun while offering your gifts & serving others in powerful ways

  • to know yourself so well that you always feel connected & aligned to your deepest truth

  • to experience a steady flow of abundance, beauty, and ease in your life that allows you to move as you please

  • to feel sexy, magnetic, alive, and full of magic every day?

In addition to the live calls & signature program access, you also get to work with me as your private 1:1 coach at a highly discounted rate.

The typical investment for just one of my highly sought-after two-hour coaching sessions is $444.

As a part of this program, you get the option to have three additional two-hour coaching sessions with me for just $111 each.


Love from Some of My 1:1 Coaching Clients:

"I have never experienced a session as powerful as the sessions I have with you. Your sessions are seriously magical. You really connect to my energy & really get me. I've experienced so much change from just these two sessions. You are magical!"

- Sarah Jayne, 32. UK.

Intuitive & Energy Healer

"I feel so lucky to have these sessions! I feel like a phoenix — like I was really resurrected from death. It's pulled me out from heaviness & WOW! How much energy I feel now!"

- Sashka, 48. Macedonia, Europe

Owner & CEO of TIR Intl & Mother

"Every time we have a session it's like our souls are speaking. I've felt inspired from the beginning & feel like we move forward every time. We keep moving forward, & I always gain some inspiration."

- Ivana, 40. Belgrade, Europe

CEO & Founder of EXIT Festival & Mother

Are you ready to flow in your pleasure & abundance?


Option 1

  • 5 3-Hr Live INITIATION Calls on Zoom
  • 1 90-Min Coaching Session w/ Hannah
  • Private Facebook Sisterhood Group
  • Replays & Recordings for Life
  • Free Entry into the 3-Month Priestess of Bliss Initiation Online Course!
  • 2 Bonus Calls w/ Xavier

A value of over $7,000

Your Investment:



Option 2

(only 15 spots available)

  • 5 3-Hr Live INITIATION Calls on Zoom
  • 1 90-minute Coaching Session + 3 highly discounted 2-Hr Coaching Sessions w/ Hannah
  • Private Facebook Sisterhood Group
  • Replays & Recordings for Life
  • Free Entry into the 3-Month Priestess of Bliss Initiation Online Course!
  • 2 Bonus Calls w/ Xavier

A value of over $9,000

Your Investment:


Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've dedicated my life to studying, practicing, & sharing the art of embodiment, authentic self-expression, & pleasure-filled manifestation. For the last five years, I've coached both men and women in the realm of sex, love, relationship, & personal power, helping them feel more alive, clear the blockages that kept them feeling small, and step into greater clarity, purpose, and pleasure.

I support women to rediscover their inherent bliss energy, step into their full magnetic power, & finally receive the fun, adventurous, meaningful, abundant, beautiful life they are ready for. If you want to embody your divine leadership, manifest your soulmate, and/or live the abundant and creative life you long for, you're in the right place. My intention is to create a loving, powerful, and integrated experience for you to find your own truth, power, and magic. Join me on this journey if you've been waiting for a sign. This is it!

On the edge?

Schedule a free discovery call with me, where we'll get to know each other, I'll tell you more about what you can expect from this journey, & together, we'll discover if the Priestess of Bliss Initiation is right for you!


If you’re ready to embody your inner bliss, up-level your reality, manifest what you want, AND help me create an amazing e-course that will support hundreds on women, I invite you to take your first step on the Priestess of Bliss Initiation -

Say 'YES!'

We meet for our first live call at the end of April, so don't hesitate. The time is always now to say yes to your dreams.

The Priestess of Bliss

Referral Program

I understand that not everyone can afford to invest in a journey like this, even if it is a great deal. That's why I created the referral program.

For every woman you invite who decides to join this round, you'll receive a discount or refund of $111.

That means with only four friends you bring in, you'd join for free!

Let me know who you are referring, & I'll give you the discount or reimbursement!

I love it when you share about the Priestess of Bliss and contribute to the magic.

It's a win-win!

Ready to jump in?

We begin on the first week of April!


More Praise from

Priestess of Bliss Grads

"I could fully surrender & feel safe being in my vulnerability while supporting everyone else & feeling supported by them. It was extremely powerful. I would recommend everybody who feels called to join."

- Ali Cramer, Virginia, USA

Artist & Musician

"Witnessing you in the way you show up in the group so confidently has been the most transformative thing for me... I am grateful for the space you hold & feel this will support me to move forward in my passions & endeavours more effortlessly, now understanding myself more, & loving ALL parts of myself more."

- Amanda, 31, Hawaii & Colorado, USA

"The most valuable part of working with you is the sense of possibilities that you create & claim for yourself and the people you work with. It's like I had blinders on & working with you took the blinders off. It was like 'OMG - wait - this is all possible!' You hold an embodiment of a vast amount of expansion & possibility for yourself & those in the initiation... Instead of feeling stuck, I felt deep excitement & like the world is my oyster... Now I'm engaged to be married!"

- Dr. Caitlin, 40, Minnesota, USA

Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner & Guide

"It's kept me so excited and so much more compassionate in myself. I can really feel the difference & the ease I have in integrating and accessing the feeling that it is all happening for me... There's just something about the sequence of calls & something about you... When I saw your video, I just KNEW you were talking to me! I'm just so happy to tackle these pieces of myself that have caused me so much pain."

- Laura, Colorado USA


"Before I joined the initiation, I was in an interesting place where I was feeling into some expansion and growth and sensing into new possibilities for my life, & the bliss initiation was really the thing I needed to give me that push into this new reality... I had breakthroughs with my relationship, & I got a lot of clarity around my business... And you play the most AMAZING music!!!"

- Rachel, Massachusetts, USA

Women's & Children's Homeopath

"Before the program, I was a lot on the mental level but not so much on the body level. I was drawn to the embodiment approach & was curious if there was another way. Right when I saw your eyes, you drew my in. It's like you saw my soul. After each of our calls, I felt like a million bucks... I know that this program was good for me... I've shifted to connecting in a more embodied way to my emotions instead of being in my head.

- Lindsay, Canada

Social Worker, Artist, & Dancer

"I was so drawn to the way you showed up and expressed your light. Since joining, my biggest transformation has been my connection to myself. I feel like there's been a light turned back on... I didn't realise how unsafe I felt connecting with my feminine. From that, so many things have transformed -- my intimacy with my husband, my ability to speak and stand in my truth, & my connections with other women have deepened. The power of investing in myself has had such a beautiful ripple."

- Melanie Kate, 36, Sydney, Australia

Mama, Co-Founder & Visionary of Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You Collective


I've got Answers.

How much does it cost & what are the payment options?

If you choose Option 1, your payment of $444 USD gets you entry into 5 live group coaching workshops, 1 VIP 90-minute coaching session with me, lifetime access to my Signature 3-Month Course, the Facebook Sisterhood, & a bonus call with Xavier. Option 2 includes all of the above plus adds three extra 2-hour VIP coaching sessions with me. You may have the opportunity to upgrade to more coaching sessions during + after the program. If you need a payment plan, send me a message.

How do I know it's really aligned for me?

Do you want to shift your life and emotional experience to a higher vibration? Do you feel excited about learning about your pleasure and your body's inherent power? Then this course is for you.

The best way to tell if it's for you is to tune into your body and feel for a "Yes." Let your mind fall by the wayside, and listen to your body, heart, and soul guidance. If you're still unsure, set up a free discovery call with me!

What if I can't make the calls or have to miss one?

No worries! Although you'll probably have more fun and receive more transformation if you show up to the live calls, I understand that not everyone will be able to make it. That's why every live Zoom call will be recorded and you'll receive the replays each week afterward. If you miss a call because you can't make it, you can watch the replay!

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. I think you'll have more fun if you complete every live call, show up to your private coaching sessions, & contribute in the Facebook group, but this journey is all about self-love. Therefore, whatever your truth is in this journey is perfect. On the live calls, you'll have the opportunity to share questions, share your experiences, & be witnessed, but this is optional and I always recommend listening to your own inner wisdom--pushing the edges of your comfort zone, but not so much that you lose connection with yourself ;)

Can I get a scholarship or discount?

I've created the Priestess of Bliss Referral Program for those who might need some financial assistance and have friends who may want to join. It's a great way to practice stepping into your power and receiving the opportunities the Universe offers you. If you need addition support, however, feel free to speak with me directly. There may be an option for payment plans, work exchange, or scholarship application.

Does my location matter?

Because I'm located in Bali, Indonesia this year, the times of our live calls may be challenging for those living in the Americas and better suited for those in Asia, Europe, Australia, and Israel. However, just because you can't make the live calls doesn't mean you can't join! You can still watch the replays and schedule your live coaching sessions with me at a time that suits you. In addition, if there are enough people wanting to join from Americas, I may open up another group just for you!

What happens in 1:1 coaching sessions?

For the past five years I have coached many women into deeper connection with their desires, unconscious fears, blockages, and beliefs, and have supported them to shift into new empowering identities. In my coaching sessions, I tailor the work to your specific needs and we go at a pace that is gentle and integrated yet powerful so that you can heal the parts of yourself that are ready to be seen and stand more vibrantly in self-love, worthiness, and energetic mastery. For more information, set up a discovery call with me or check the 1:1 coaching page on my website.

I have unresolved trauma, is this program right for me?

I am a trauma-informed and certified coach, and I'm passionate about helping women transform their wounds. If you've already done some inner-work on your traumas & feel like you are able to hold yourself with presence and love, this program would certainly be okay for you. However, if you have serious medical issues or highly severe and unresolved trauma which you cannot hold on your own, this program may not be right for you.

Can I sign up now for Option 1 and then get the discounted 1:1 coaching calls package later?

Yes. Even if you sign up for Option 1 now, if you decide later in the course that you want the sessions, you can receive the sessions for the same price. However, once the 4-week course has finished, the price may go up.

Does this program involve nudity or sexuality?

Although we will be exploring the topic of sexuality and pleasure, and there will be practices and rituals that involve loving self-touch and orgasmic energy, you will never be required to show nudity nor will you be required to participate in sexual energy exploration if you don't feel like it. In addition, during all rituals and practices, you will have the option to turn off your camera and sound.

Will I be reimbursed for any referral even if I pay in full now?

Yes! You can make the full payment now and receive reimbursement for any referral you make to this round of the Priestess of Bliss Initiation after. For every woman you refer, you will receive $111 to your account unless arranged otherwise.

Can I refer friends to your signature 3-Month E-course & get paid for that too?

Great idea! I love the idea of creating an ambassador program, and after this 4-week program ends, I plan to set that up! If you'd like to become a Priestess of Bliss Ambassador or Angel, let me know, and we can talk.

Will there be an option to continue work with you and the other women once the journey has completed?

Yes! You will be informed about the next phase of Priestess of Bliss in the middle of the journey so you can continue receiving support from me and the group!



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