An Intimate Look into My Own Sacred Partnership: Making Love to Life with My Soulmate

Hannah Knight

"As a couple, you have so much presence. Your gratitude for life, is something that's felt, something that vibrates.” - Jakob Harvat, Podcast Host, of One Thousand First Steps

This podcast interview is something I feel really really excited to share with you.

(Already know you want to listen?)

In the podcast, you're going to hear from both myself AND my beautiful, darling, SOULMATE partner, Xavier, along with our wonderful host, Jakob, who's been living in Bali, and has created a spiritual/embodiment/coaching podcast that's really cool.

Xavier and I have been in sacred partnership together for FOUR YEARS now! Right after I became an Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, did all the inner work, & decided I was ready to consciously manifest my dream partnership.

(Xavier, by the way, if you don't know by now, is also an incredibly gifted coach, transformational guide, and sex, love, relationships, & power facilitator, so he has lots of amazing things to share. Even i continue to by inspired and wowed by his wisdom on the daily.)

In this 90-minute episode, he and I share some pretty juicy & intimate details about our relationship - from how and where we met and how our relationship started, the important relationship foundations that we cultivate in our relationship and what makes our union "sacred," & we even dive into some pretty personal details that will probably inspire you to think differently in love - a time in our relationship when we both questioned if we could keep going together and what happened.

Some questions we answer for you in this interview...

  • What helped me to move out of the pattern where I was always attracting the same kinds of partners into my life?
  • How do we nurture our own intuition in relationship and in life to make sure we do the right things?
  • How does the dance between the masculine & feminine look in our relationship?
  • What kind of communication have we cultivated together?
  • How do you express your desires & boundaries in a way that doesn’t push the party’s boundaries all the time?

We also share:

  • What are the practical self-care steps to shift energy so the feminine can awaken and show up?
  • Daily practices we do to stay intentional about the purpose of our journey ourselves and help our clients breakthrough victim mentality.
  • What kind of work do men need to do to show up for women in their lives in a healthy, caring way?

    Sounds amazing, right?

You can listen to the podcast interview here, or keep reading.

This is a great podcast to listen to whether you're a woman or a man, whether you're single or in relationship, because the information we share will help anyone understand some major.

(The first few minutes of the episode are in German, so if you want to skip ahead to about 5.5 minutes, I don't blame you. But I will say, I actually enjoyed hearing the German part, even though I don't understand a thing!)

What I love about this podcast is that you get to hear from both me AND my partner. Xavier has a great perspective on love & life because he has also studied and trained lots in the realm of self-development, manhood, women, tantra, relationship, embodiment, and manifestation!

I also love the way Jakob guides the talk. In the beginning of the interview, Jakob even shares the story about what he first saw the two of us in Bali. He shares that he observed that the way we interacted with each other was so unique and beautiful. Jakob also witnessed our workshop at a festival here in Bali on sacred partnership, and he knew he wanted to interview us.

He told us: "As a couple, you have so much presence. Your gratitude for life, is something that's felt, something that vibrates.”

I really enjoyed sharing about the intimate details of our sacred union, our meeting, how it all went down, and how it's going now!

Give it a listen if you're someone who's curious about manifesting your own soulmate, or if you're already in a loving union, and you're curious about stories, tips, and wisdom might inspire you to helps yours evolve too!

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"Sacred Partnership: Making Love to Life with Your Soulmate"

Hannah Knight & Xavier de Forceville - Visionaries & Coaches

with Jakob Harvat, Spiritual Coach & Creator of One Thousand First Steps


About the Author

Hannah Knight is an Integrated Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach & Feminine Embodiment Facilitator. She helps women manifest their most delicious, soul-nourishing life from joy, pleasure, and feminine mastery, including steeping into creating the most ideal soul-level love and dream partnership. She is the creator of the Priestess of Bliss Initiation, an online journey designed to help women reach authentic bliss on every level - sex, love, relationship, manifestation, & self-expression.

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