Hannah Knight

Embody bliss.

Manifest the life you desire.

Awaken your feminine power,

crystal-clear confidence, &

goddess energy in

every area of your life.

What if you could feel incredibly excited to be alive every single day and manifest what you most deeply desire (yes, even in relationship) with real pleasure & power?

What if you could transform the way you feel deep inside so much that you become a clear vessel for divine abundance and creativity in life while feeling exceptionally worthy and guided in all that you do?

What if life is actually here for you fully, and it’s just waiting for you to say Yes to receiving your most orgasmic, meaningful, and aligned life?

What if you could be so in love with yourself and your life that everything started to vibrate with sacred power, inspiration, and holy pleasure - including you, your sexuality, and your relationships?

What if you could finally feel like the cosmic goddess, queen, priestess, wise woman, and sensual star of your life you know you are deep inside?

Hi, I'm Hannah,

I'm excited to show you how journeying with me in Boundless can help you become a living embodiment of bliss and finally manifest the life of deep pleasure & meaning you've been craving.

Even if you have doubts or fears about transforming your life, I invite you to stick with me as I explain the process to you. I promise it will be worth it. ♡

Where you are right now:

You want to confidently align with the magic of life + receive all that’s meant for you, but you find yourself stuck in waves of dense emotions, frustrated with the process, + unsure how to really breakthrough.

You have beautiful visions + desires alive in your heart - and yet, you feel heavy + alone not knowing how to get there.

You’re an intelligent, capable, powerful woman, yet these patterns seem to be beyond your ability to control, + you’re tired of wasting time!

You know that something new needs to happen.

Ready for the good news?

You are meant to live a life full of pleasure, love, and magic, and you can manifest it with ease.

It doesn't have to be hard to get there.

With my guidance and support, you can shift your entire reality in a way that's juicy and exciting. 

You can transform all your blocks (even the ones you didn’t know were there) & create a reality you love with pleasure.

Living in bliss and manifesting all that you desire is a skill you can easily learn to master.

Are you ready to say yes to your desires?


Feeling stuck in your life can happen for these 4 reasons:


Not really making space for your deepest + most authentic desires.


Unhealed pain, hurt, or confusion in relationship - past, present, + future.


Disconnection from your sensual, sexual, wild, + emotional feminine nature.


Not working with the spiritual laws of attraction + manifesting from energy + pleasure.

My approach to helping you manifest the life you desire and all the things you dream about is simple. I support you to find clarity about what exactly you’re here to manifest, transform + heal the hidden beliefs, blocks, + patterns that sabotage you, + embody the real bliss magician you are inside, wherever you may find yourself.

Who is my 1:1 coaching journey for?

Women Ready to Know Bliss

You're in a new relationship or not yet in a relationship & you want to create a solid foundation of self-love and blissful feminine power to experience the best love life and dating experience possible. You're not yet living your bliss dreams of abundance, pleasure, & sel-expression. It's time to dive into

Embodied Women Ready for Love

You've already done a lot of transformational work on yourself & have been living out your bliss dreams in many ways... but you're ready to take one thing to the next level... You're ready to manifest LOVE.

Sensual Women Wanting More

Women who are in a new relationship and or not yet in a relationship + want to create a solid foundation of self-love and feminine power to experience the best love life and dating experience possible